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Branding your website.

The time it took you to read the first word of this sentence is how long it takes a new visitor to your WordPress site to form a first impression of your business.

Is it cool? Is it boring? Inviting? Distracting? Dynamic? Dated? That first idea, formulated in a fraction of a second, could well be the difference between a visitor becoming a customer. If you’re going to make a first impression that lasts, you can’t rely on the standard templates available. You need a custom WordPress design that drives visitors to the key messages you want them to take away from that first visit.

That’s where we come in. We can create custom WordPress designs that perfectly align with your personality, your tone, your business model, or even your sense of adventure, excitement, or humor. We take the time to get to know you and your goals before we lift one finger in the direction of your custom WordPress design, because we believe that the very best websites are the ones that reflect the person and the product behind them.

We use the latest in Internet technology and engagement to produce eye-popping custom WordPress designs that will leave your visitors with one constant word for a first impression:WOW.

WordPress Development

100% Custom Coded Every time.

So you’ve got your new custom WordPress site up and running, but you don’t want it to be “just another page” on the Internet. That’s where our WordPress Development skills come in. A static page isn’t doing much to sell your product or engage your customers, but a custom theme will. We can build your WordPress site to your specifications, using custom fields to generate unique looks and different post types to give your site the flexibility of blogs, menus, pages, and galleries. In addition, we won’t just take your ideas, code them up, and send them out for the public to see without your approval. We design layered Photoshop proofs for you to inspect before the development is ever implemented.

Running your business is a full-time job, which is one of the reasons we offer WordPress development to you. Our WordPress Development capabilities will have visitors paying you the ultimate compliment – that they never realized they were on a WordPress site when they visited.

WordPress WooCommerce

Sell your products in style.

If your business involves selling a tangible product or service, it’s past time you made the switch to WordPress WooCommerce. A brilliant plugin for your custom WordPress site,it gives you the opportunity to develop an online store straight onto your website, extending your WordPress development to make it a true one-stop shop for your customers.

Flexibility and endless possibilities for creative design are the keys to WooCommerce, and we offer custom WordPress WooCommerce design for your business needs. Whether you’re selling banjos, bullwhips, or butterscotch brownies, our experts can design the perfect interface for you and your customers to meet and do business on.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, consider the numbers. Three years after its inception, WooCommerce was powering 17% of all e-commerce websites, more than 380,000 in all. A year later, that number had nearly doubled to 30% and continues to rise with each passing month.

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Daddy Design was a perfect fit for our large scaled,multi-site web project. Our project required a complete website redesign to a more interactive, clean and responsive design, maximizing the user’s experience while increasing our SEO rankings. Ryan and his team were able to deliver a customized solution to fit our needs. Daddy Design is a very knowledgeable & experienced team who provided incredible customer service throughout the entire project and even afterwards. It was a pleasure working with Ryan & Hunter and and would recommend Daddy Design to anyone looking for a web solution from an experienced team with great customer service.

– Chauvet Professional

Another web development firm I had hired previously had completely let me down resulting in the loss of part of my budget and several critical months, and so I was under a lot of pressure. I found Daddy Design in a Wordpress forum in someone's list of recommended development shops, and several of their previous clients who I reached out to gave them high marks. Ryan and Hunter came through with everything I envisioned, and they did so on-time and on-budget. They're not a large shop, so there's not a lot of protocol or bureaucracy in working with them, which suited my style, and Ryan (the primary contact for me day-to-day) was always very, very responsive. I continue to work with Daddy Design and highly recommend them!

– DerbySoft

It's refreshing to work with an external team that understands modern design and development frameworks. They worked seamlessly with our team making smart recommendations throughout the process to build a fully responsive, mobile-first website with a CMS tailored to fit our needs. Daddy Design works hard. They love what they do and it shows.

– Jeffrey Berkus

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